ABOUT FACE Magazine, Portland, Oregon’s Quarterly Interview Magazine.  Highlighting the celebrities among us, from the famous to the infamous.  Focusing on innovators in all fields and industries: arts, culture, music, fashion, business, design, and science.  With a special spotlight on local heroes, those people who make a difference every day.

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This magazine comes from an honest place, a place of love for Portland. Our magazine is interested in the people that help make Portland a great city. Our definition of an ABOUT FACE is a moment of clarity or change. Success is rarely easy and we have all made choices that influence where we stand today. We have all had an “ABOUT FACE” in our lives, whether we recognize it or not.

As a quarterly magazine, in a city with such a large pool of talent, deciding who to feature is no easy task. There will be people you know or want to know about, each and every issue. We will do our best to ask questions and provide answers that are thought provoking and intriguing. We would also like to hear from you, the reader. I invite you to comment on the articles.

Whether the topic is fashion, food, music, business, writing, design, art, science, health, or even local heroes, who make our city a better place to live, the people we interview all have one thing in common:  each one had an “ABOUT FACE”.

We’re less interested in celebrity worship than we are in learning and being inspired. Often times, well-known Portlanders don’t boast or bragging. They are even quiet or reserved. But many of us want to know more about them. ABOUT FACE Magazine will help draw them out, get inside, and reveal their stories.

Best to you Portland,
David Bentley, Publisher

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